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Research Alumni

This section lists the many recent alumni of the Faculty. If you have any further information or would like to update your profile then, please email

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Alumni listed under A

Alexandra Abello Colak

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: Colombian and British

Research interests: Urban security in the Global South, participation and social change, violence and inequality in the city, research methodologies

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Yonas Adaye Adeto

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: Ethiopian

Research interests: Peace building, conflict resolution, ethnic relations, community participation, development, security sector governance/reform, peace education research, development-security nexus

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Anícia Abdul Carimo Lalá

Division: Peace Studies & International Development


Nationality: Mozambican

Research interests: Security, development, rule of law, peace building, security sector reform, democratisation, conflict resolution


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Chika Charles Aniekwe

Division: Peace Studies & International Development


Nationality: Nigerian

Research interests: Collective Action; Smallholders; African Governance Architecture; Electoral Democracy and the African Union

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ABYE, TIGEST (PhD) The role of women in resisting oppression and promoting stability in Ethiopia

Donna Pankhurst

Fiona Macaulay

AGOHA, CHRISTOPHER (PhD) Child soldiers in post-conflict Liberia: Challenges of re-integration and reconstruction

Donna Pankhurst

Christoph Bluth

AKUNI, BAPTIST (PhD) Child trafficking: A case of South Sudan

David Francis

Donna Pankhurst

AKHTAR, WAHEED (PhD) Understanding Madrassah education and its impacts

PB Anand

Anna Mdee

ALAYADHI, NADYAH (PhD)  Establishing an Essential Medicines Programme in Kuwait

John Lawler

Brian Clark


The White International: Anatomy of a transnational radical revisionist plot in Central Europe after World War I

Gabor Batonyi

Munro Price


Ensuring the Context Validity of English Reading Tests for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Tim Green

Mercedes Webb



An exploration into senior managers' perceptions of strategic management

Farhad Analoui

John Cusworth