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Social and Developmental Psychology Laboratory

Control Room Completed in 2008 the Social and Developmental Psychology Laboratory offers both students and staff excellent facilities to observe and analyse human behaviour (e.g. group processes, parent child interactions). This laboratory has `state-of-the-art' equipment with one way mirrors, digital speakers and 360 degree tracking digital cameras. Facilities for digitally recording, editing and analysing observation data are also a feature of the social and developmental psychology laboratory. This laboratory also has a fully equipped interview suite where you are able to develop skills and undertake qualitative interviews. In Year Two you will have the opportunity to run experiments and other practicals with support from qualified technical staff; moving on in Year Three to work more independently when undertaking your dissertation research.


Experimental Psychology Laboratory

Experimental Laboratory A central feature of any BPS accredited course is the design and undertaking of experimental research. Using experimentation, ideas and theories about how the brain operates and how we process information can be tested and investigated. The Experimental Psychology Laboratory includes 12 fully equipped testing rooms designed for cognitive research. Each testing room has a networked PC loaded with specialist software used in the investigation of cognitive processes. These rooms are also used for biopsychology where students are able to measure heart rate, galvanic skin response and brain waves (EEG) using the Biopac System.


Eating Behaviour Laboratory

Eating Lab There is growing interest in the psychology surrounding eating behaviour. The Eating Behaviour Laboratory has equipment that enables students to measure body composition (e.g. body mass index, % body fat and visceral fat level, lean body mass, predicted bone mass). These body composition measures are used alongside other data to explore the detailed facets of health and eating behaviour.



Psychology Teaching Laboratory

Throughout your studies you will develop practical skills and knowledge. The Psychology Teaching Laboratory enables students to be taught specific research skills in a fully equipped space with a staging area for research and individual workstations. The laboratory accommodates small groups where students are given individual support with practical work from lecturers and psychology learning support officers.



Speech and Language Laboratory

Sound Booth Auditory information is all around us and the way we use and respond to speech and language is a central feature of psychology research. This laboratory houses a sound proof booth and has a dedicated audio-processing computer and two data collection stations. This laboratory is highly specialised and has been used by students undertaking their dissertation research.

Explore our Psychology Observation Suite

Explore our Psychology Observation Suite with our interactive 360° tour.