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Student Evaluations

Penny Taylor
Research Assistantship Scheme

I received a Nuffield bursary to carry out research over the summer break. My supervisor was Dr Gill Waters and the subject was 'The robustness of adult's aspectuality understanding and its relation to episodic memory'. The experience of 'real life' research increased my knowledge of both; the research process and developmental psychology as a subject area, whilst enabling me to relate theoretical knowledge to practical application.  The task of building a working experiment was daunting and a steep learning curve, but running participants on an experiment that I had helped to design was exciting.  The studentship has increased my confidence in my abilities in psychological research and has inspired me to actively pursue a career in research. I would recommend students with an interest in furthering their understanding of the research process to apply.

Nadia Rifet
The Grove Day Centre

I have enjoyed my time at the Grove day centre as it has been a great experience. Throughout my time there I have learnt many things, such as dealing with the service users, fulfilling their needs and keeping them happy. Working at the Grove has made me build upon my communication skills and has improved my knowledge about this particular service group.

The thing I enjoyed most was communicating with the service users and listening to them talking about their lives, as there were some whose personalities showed more than others. I also enjoyed participating in activities with the service users and going out to places with them. When I leave I will remember all the service users and the care and love given to them by the staff.  I will also remember the good times I had and spent with most of them. I would recommend this placement to other students who want to do work experience as it is a well organised and friendly organisation. Coming to the Grove has definitely made me think more about wanting to do something like this as a career, as I enjoy helping people.