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The Bradford Development Lectures

The Bradford Development Lectures are a series of lectures given by key practitioners working in the International Development field. The first lecture was given by Baroness Lynda Chalker, the then minister of Overseas Development Administration in 1991. Since then we have had a number of world renowned speakers including Mark Goldring, Hilary Benn, Sir Cripsin Tickell and Professor Nicholas Stern.  The Bradford Development Lecture forms a key part of the academic community in PSID and has become a prestigious event where prominent figures in the international community present an address on current issues relating to peace, conflict and international development.

Growth 2.0: the Good Jobs Challenge in Developing Countries

Prof Kunal Sen has been a leading writer on inclusive economic growth. In this talk he focuses on the challenge of creating enough jobs. Estimates from the World Bank suggest that two-thirds of all jobs in developing countries are at risk of automation; meanwhile the ILO has calculated that 344 million jobs need to be created by 2030 to address unemployment. At the same time, around 80 per cent of the workforce in Africa and South Asia are in precarious and poorly paid employment in the informal sector. Can automation and new technologies help to create these much-needed jobs, or could it lead to greater inequality, leaving behind the most disadvantaged? What are the prospects of good jobs for millions of workers in the informal sectors of the Global South? This lecture will address these key policy challenges faced by developing countries.

Video Credits: Chris Hazell, Lecturer in Sound and Visual Production, and students. Department of Media, Design and Technology, University of Bradford.

'One Earth, One Humanity'

Global Governance and Sustainable Development Goals: All Change... No Change?

22nd Bradford Development Lecture:

Professor David Hulme: Global Governance and Sustainable Development Goals: All Change... No Change? On 1st January 2016 the world moved from implementing the poverty reducing Millennium Development Goals to pursuing the poverty eradicating, prosperity promoting and sustainability enhancing Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN has frames the new goals as ‘transformational’ but is this correct… or, are the SDGs merely another smaller scale, episodic advance?

In this lecture Professor Hulme assesses the evidence and analyses the processes underpinning the MDGs to SDGs shift.

Transforming economies through productive development policies

21st Bradford Development Lecture given by Dr José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs


'Bringing Production back into Development' - Taking Production Seriously

20th Bradford Development Lecture:

As we in the Western Europe are obsessed with 'green shoots' of recovery to emerge out of the most recent financial crisis, bigger questions remain on the received wisdom or orthodoxy of development and whether we need a new discourse. In this context, it is appropriate that Dr Ha-Joon Chang chose the topic of 'taking production seriously' for the 20th Bradford Development Lecture on Wednesday 26th February. 

'Africa's growth miracle?'

'Sixty years of development: are we sure what it means?'

Date: 10th of November 2011

Speaker: Lord Meghnad Desai

'Global Governance: Reconstructing the World Economy'

'Horizontal inequalities and conflict: choosing policies for peace'

‘The Public and Development: Mobilising to Reduce Global Poverty’

13th Bradford Development Lecture

Date: 2nd of March 2006

Speaker: Hilary BennSecretary of State for International Development 


As he reflects on 2005 - a year of unprecedented world focus on and commitment to international development issues, but also of a number of unprecedented large-scale natural disasters like the past November's Pakistan earthquake - he commends the communities of Bradford and the City Council for their swift and continuing response to the recent devastating earthquake in Kashmir.

Introducing the UK Government Department for International Development’s new White Paper consultation to a large audience of academics and international postgraduate students drawn from the Universities of Bradford, Leeds and Manchester, as well as representatives of the UK development community, including prominent NGOs, he looks to the aid challenges of 2006 and beyond.

'Development and Security'

'Globalisation and Poverty Reduction'

11th Bradford Development Lecture

Date: 29th of November 2001

Speaker: Professor Adrian Wood, Chief Economist at the DFID

'The European Union's Partnership with the Developing World'