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Gregory Pearn

MSc Project Planning and Management

Gregory Pearn
  • From the Isle of Man
  • Specialised in disaster risk management in developing countries
  • Now working with specialist non-profit organisation that provides services to countries in the Asian region

How would you introduce yourself?

My name is Gregory Pearn. I grew up in the Isle of Man, and although coming from a small and quite isolated place, I have always been fascinated with other countries and cultures. With undergraduate studies in disaster management and work experience in developing countries, I was keen to improve my knowledge and skills around broader international development management. For the last several years after graduating from Bradford, I have been working for a regional non-profit organization in Asia, which specializes in disaster risk management.


How did you come to study at BCID?

While gaining disaster management experience in developing countries, I noticed that there were many common challenges to project implementation. These challenges seemed to affect the achievement of the intended project outcomes, and would often lead to frustrations that “we could have done better”. While I was completing a bachelors in disaster, reconstruction, and development at Coventry University in the UK, I therefore searched for post-graduate courses which centre on project management. I was drawn to BCID’s Project Planning and Management MSc, because it focused on the international development context, and especially because the course and teaching emphasized developing practical skills for project management for ‘real world’ application.


What have been the best aspects of your experience?

Another reason why BCID was my first choice for post-graduate studies, was that the programme attracts students from all over the world. I am always keen to meet people from different countries and backgrounds, and I expected I would learn a lot from my classmates’ experiences. This proved to be the case and definitely was one of the best aspects. Of course, the varied modules available were also great, and I found subjects such as project economic analysis particularly interesting (and I have had opportunities to use this knowledge in my current work). Another favourite aspect was that many modules included group, as well as, individual assignments. I think group assignments are a very important learning experience, because the reality is that in most careers in international development, it is essential to collaborate and coordinate with others.


How does this programme relate to your own career goals?

I decided to undertake post-graduate studies in project management, so that in my career I could hopefully improve the efficiency and effectiveness of projects related to disaster risk management. After graduating from Bradford, I was fortunate to join a specialist non-profit organization that offers disaster risk management services to countries in the Asian region. In various ways, from individual projects, to the organization’s internal project management systems, I have had many opportunities to apply what I learned.

Based on your experience would you recommend this programme to others?

I would recommend the programme, and as one of the few British students taking the course, I would thoroughly recommend it to other British students who are looking to develop their qualifications for project management in international development.