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Sumaila I. Asuru

Research Student

Sumaila I. Asuru

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD Title: Philanthropic contribution to Agricultural Development: A Case of Crop Subsector Development in Ghana

Research interests: Although my background and particular expertise are both in public policy and programme management, I have a broad range of research interests, cutting across philanthropy, economics (Micro and Macro) and development studies in general.


Nationality: Ghanaian

Supervisors: Dr Behrooz Morvaridi and Dr John Lawler


  • Pan-African Management Conference, Accra 2010

  • New Philanthropy, Social Justice and Social Policy Symposium, 25-26 March 2013

Professional Activities: Currently works as Graduated Teaching Assistant (GTA) in the economics department of the University of Bradford, professional soccer referee, army, and a teacher.

Webpage (linkedin, etc): linkedin page