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Chika Charles Aniekwe

Research Student

Chika Charles Aniekwe

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD Title: Collective Action, Smallholder Farmers and Market Access

Research interests: Collective Action; Smallholders; African Governance Architecture; Electoral Democracy and the African Union


Nationality: Nigerian

Supervisors: Dr Behrooz Morvaridi and Dr Anna Mdee

Sponsor: Self and Family


  • Aniekwe C.C and Atuobi S.M (forthcoming)Two Decades of Election Observation by the African Union; Review of Approaches and Methods and Lessons Learnt

  • Aniekwe C.C et al (2012) Academic-NGO Collaboration in International Development Research: a reflection on the issues, INTRAC Working Paper, Oxford

  • Aniekwe C.C (2010), Agricultural trade liberalization and small-holder development: West African rice farmers in perspective, SSRN, African Rice Centre Working Paper

Professional Activities:

  • Election Observation and Monitoring

  • Consultant on Harmonisation of Regional Election Instruments in Africa

  • Expert on Implementation of Election Observation Mission Recommendations

Webpage: LinkedIn