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Postgraduate Researchers

Chika Charles Aniekwe

Research Student

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD Title: Collective Action, Smallholder Farmers and Market Access

Research interests: Collective Action; Smallholders; African Governance Architecture; Electoral Democracy and the African Union

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Sumaila I. Asuru

Research Student

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD Title: Philanthropic contribution to Agricultural Development: A Case of Crop Subsector Development in Ghana

Research interests: Although my background and particular expertise are both in public policy and programme management, I have a broad range of research interests, cutting across philanthropy, economics (Micro and Macro) and development studies in general.

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Maximillian Kolbe Domapielle

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD Title: Health Insurance and Access to Health Care Services in Ghana.

Research interests: Social Protection; health insurance in developing countries, development project planning and management strategies, Traditional medicine studies.

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Mercy Ngwira Chapota

Research Student

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD Title: Cash Transfers and Gender Relations: Questioning the Empowerment of Women Through Cash Transfers: The Case of the Malawi Social Cash Transfer Scheme

Research interests: Social Protection; Rural Development; Empowerment; Community Participation

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Ronak Olfati

Research Student

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD Title: Long term effects of oil revenue on the Iranian Economy

Research interests: Econometrics, time series, macroeconomics, Growth model analysis, Energy economics

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William Suarez II Gomez

Research Student

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD title: The effects of the US Cabotage Act in the agribusiness supply chain in Puerto Rico and the impacts of the social right to adequate food of the population.

Research interests: Agriculture, Food Supply Chain, Cabotage Laws and Human Rights for the Adequate Food

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Ulrike Immler

Research Student

Division: Peace Studies & International Development

PhD title: Sanitation, poverty and capabilities

Research interests: Human Development, Behavioural Economics, Global Public Goods

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Ambrose Amenshiah

Capacity Building in the Oil and Gas Sector: The case of Ghana

Supervisors: John Lawler, Farhad Analoui

Mansoor Bhore

Management Development Policies in Education. Focusing my research on educational institutions within the gulf region

Supervisors: Farhad Analoui, John Lawler

Shehnaz Bhore

Improving NGO Managerial and Human Resource Capacity to deal with HIV/AIDS prevention:The Case of India

Supervisors: Farhad Analoui, second supervisor to be confirmed

Joseph Danquah

Capacity Building In An Oil And Gas Sector; The Effect, Impact And Methodology Used.

Supervisors:Farhad Analoui, John Lawler

Marialauda Goyayi

Modeling of Social & Technical Processes For Society Inclusive E-Government Implementation

Supervisors: John Lawler, David Potts

Abdul-Latif Ibrahim

Does international migration and remittance reduce poverty in developing countries?  A case for Northern


Supervisors: Behrooz Morvaridi, second supervisor to be confirmed

Patrice Kabeya

The impact of water policy implementation at the local community in Zambia. Examining the role of national and local institutions concerning Zambezi

Supervisors: PB Anand, Tom Franks

Rita Kusi-Mensah

A gendered analysis of formal vocation education, skills development and self-employment in Accra, Ghana

Supervisors: David PottsBehrooz Morvaridi

Toyiun Ogunleye

Microfinance in Developing Countries.

Supervisors: John Weiss, PB Anand

John Ruzibuka

The impact of fiscal deficits on economic growth in developing counties

Supervisors: David Potts, Wu Z

Rahmatollah Tabandeh

An Investigation into human resource management reward system for managerial motivation & job satisfaction: The case of dairy organisations in Iran

Supervisors:Farhad Analoui, John Lawler

Kamaran Yaqub

Does Economic globalization has a positive impact or negative impact on Economic Development

Supervisors: Hossein JalilianBehrooz Morvaridi


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