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Programme for a Peaceful City

PPC pic 2 The PPC (Programme for a Peaceful City) is a hub of UK based peace thinking and practice. We actively share ideas to make our knowledge work for Bradford and beyond. We believe that peace scholars and academics working on social and international issues, can contribute thinking and ideas towards the complexities of conflict and peacebuilding here in Bradford and the UK. Our work includes:

Creating spaces for academics, practitioners and activists to exchange knowledge and ideas about peace, conflict and current issues.

Facilitating and sustaining connections, conversations and collaborations with people interested in peace thinking and practice in Bradford and beyond.

Developing our own skills in facilitating conversations and participatory peacebuilding and sharing this learning.

Applying our understanding, knowledge, ideas and reflective practice to current conflicts and tricky issues.

For more information, including examples of work and connections, please see our two previous reports below and/or contact Lisa Cumming for more information:

Lisa Cumming
Community Associate
PPC/Peace Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Bradford
01274 234173


Programme for a Peaceful City: Systemising an Experience 2001-2006

Listening Talk: an experience of academic practioner dialogue: second systemisation of learning