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Master Student Spotlight

Published: Mon 29 Jul 2013
Master Student Spotlight

Our MA student profile: Chilungu Mwiinde, 2012 - 2013, MSc Development and Project Planning

How would you introduce yourself?

My name is Chilungu Mwiinde. I am a Zambian and socio-economic planner by profession, working for local-government. I am currently a BCID student in MSc Development and Project Planning

How did you come to study at BCID?

The desire for effectiveness in my current job responsibilities inspired me to look for a programme linking Project Planning with Development. The world-wide search for such a programme made me realise that BCID offered exactly (best option of) what I wanted. I further discovered that the University of Bradford was ranked among the best Universities in this field. I was therefore thrilled when I was offered a place in MSc Development and Project Planning. The truth is that I would not have managed to come for my studies without the World Bank Scholarship.

What do you think you have gained from it? 

Studying this programme has opened up my mind in many ways. For instance, it has enhanced my:

  • understanding of some of the critical factors affecting development (such as public policies and institutions)
  • Project management skills which are critical for development in countries like Zambia
  • Critical thinking (analytical) skills in academic research and writing

How was the study experience at Bradford for you?

My experience has been excellent. Considering that I came in a motherly way made me think things would very difficult for me. Amazingly, the lecturers have been very helpful and understanding throughout my program. Additionally, other university officers like Sue Baker and Joanne have been very supportive and encouraging. Coming to Bradford also gave me an opportunity for meeting and interacting with different people from all over the world which has helped me appreciate cultural differences in perception of things.

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