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Politics and History

About Politics and History

This Theme brings together cross-faculty researchers with a diverse geographical and chronological interest / focus relating to past and present politics. More specifically, how we can reflect and learn from the past to secure a more equal and sustainable future.

Statue at the side of the Bradford First World War memorial.

Our collaborators

We work with organisations across Europe. Colleagues have had publications supported by the UN and Latvian Foreign Ministry. One colleague has been used as a reference by UNESCO in its assessment of League of Nations Archives, Geneva.

Our approach

Our reflections and innovation of the work of historical Key Thinkers and movements, helps us understand varied nuanced facets of contemporary society. We also explore aspects of cultural heritage.

Research areas

  • Migration and Refugee Movements
  • Neoliberalism
  • Human Rights/Language Rights
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Cultural Relativity
  • European History
  • Social Divisions
  • Authority and Power
  • Philosophy

Cosmopolitan Entrepreneurs: Culture Mobility and Survival among Baltic German Family Businesses in the Twentieth Century

Migration and refugee movements are common contemporary themes. Often research revolves around the rights of those who move. Rights are important, but the lives of migrants and refugees involve more. When you move, how do you secure a living for your family? How do make sure that life in a new place will be more than barely sustainable? Do you have skills that are portable and can you apply them to build a successful career?

Investigating family businesses in the context of mid-twentieth century European refugee movements allows us to begin answering these questions. This research has been supported by research institutes in Germany, has been published by one of them and links to German family history groups.

Conducted by Dr Martyn Housden

Couple with baby hitchhiking on U.S. Highway 99, California in 1935.

Research theme members