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Psychology Alumni

Alumni Psy Saba Shafiq Saba Shafiq 

"Graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University or Bradford acted as a stepping stone into me developing a career in Psychology.I am currently working towards completing a MSc in Health Psychology at Aston University, which without the support and knowledge obtained from the Psychology department at Bradford I would not have been able to do."

(received 12/10/2012)

Alumni Psy Umar Toseeb

Dr Umar Toseeb

(graduated 2012)

"I completed my undergraduate degree from the Division of Psychology at the University of Bradford in 2008 after which I went on to do a PhD here. My thesis was titled “the Effect of the Muslim Headscarf on Face Perception”. The staff at the department were very supportive and always very keen to provide me with opportunities (such as assisting with teaching, student supervision, assessment & feedback) to advance my career.  After completing my PhD in early 2012 I moved to the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge where I work  as part of a very large, multi-centred team, on a research project looking at brain development in adolescents and young adults (funded by the Wellcome Trust)."

(received 12/10/2012)