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PS Victor Ruttoh Victor Ruttoh

PG Dip (2004)

‘I am at home in Kenya and working with youth groups. I want to extend a hand of invitation for those visiting Nairobi, Kenya. Pay us a visit. Our projects can beviewed at‘

... Our main niche and target is to work with the youth. We strive to inculcate among the youth a culture of being responsible and making use of their time in an effort to divert the energies that would have otherwise been channelled to social ills. ... We engage youth in garbage collection exercises and also train them on how to recycle the plastics and other refuse. We later facilitate the market linkages where the youth projects can sustain themselves by selling the organic manure and other by products to farmers and other users. ‘One of our youth groups is the Kenya Model United Nation. It is a youth organization that I pioneered with other colleagues when I left Bradford. It was modelled from the United Nations Youth Association of Bradford, that I also founded when at Bradford. We work with partner organizations to support and rehabilitate kids who have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS scourge and ethnic conflicts. This is an ambitious project and our main challenge is sponsorship. Well-wishers from corporate/institutions and individuals can support by identifying/adopting a child who they can support directly. Anyone/organizations willing and wanting to support can write to us on <>.

Published in: Peace Studies Alumni News, Issue 3, Summer 2006