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PS Barbara Mitchels Barbara Mitchels

PhD (2004)

Barbara is currently still working both in therapy and law in the UK. She also continues to be the supervisor of the Medijacija Projekta of the Centar za mir, which is run by Sonja Stanic and funded through the British Embassy. It is now coming to the end of its first three years of operation and has successfully trained many judges, teachers and others in local communities in mediation theory and skills, setting up mediation services which are provided free of charge to the community. From the end of this year it will now run independently in three areas of Croatia. Mediation in Croatia is now recognised within the judicial process as well as acommunity facility, and Centar za mir has made great achievements in the community- (to see more about the work do take a lookat their great website.. Recently Barbara has also been working in Macedonia with UNICEF in providing training and development in child protection. Barbara’s thesis was about Adam Curle (the first Professor of Peace Studies who hassadly died, September 2006, aged 90) and his work in Croatia, and this summer saw the publication of her book:

Love in Danger. Trauma, therapy and conflict explored through the life and work of Adam Curle. Published by Jon Carpenter ISBN 0 9549727 0

As published in: Peace Studies Alumni News, Issue 3, Summer 2006