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PS Ada Hanson

Ada Hanson

MA 2003


‌‘I am currently working in Lebanon, in the Youth Department of the Lebanese Red Cross. It is an exchange programme,between Norway, Lebanon, Kenya and Armenia. 2 Norwegians go to the 3 other countries, while 2 from each of the other countries go to Norway.‘The Programme is limited to 12months, so I will be heading back to Norway in June for debriefing, and after that I will (yet again) be looking for work, where, I don’t know. Until then,I will be continuing my work within organisational development and needs assessment (training) within the LRCY. It’s a challenging job, but I have great and knowledgeable colleagues, and the youth themselves are very dedicated and interested. I am really enjoying my work here.’

As published in: Peace Studies Alumni News, Issue 3, Summer 2006