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PS Vlad Kakalia Vlad Kakalia

MA (2001)

‘At the moment I am in Abkhazia. There are three main things I am doing here. One isdeep cave exploration - for an example on this see: There are up to 40 per year deep caveexploration expeditions in Abkhazia.

By the way, one Australian man - Allan Warild is ourregular visitor. He is one of the greatest world-class cavers. At the moment Abkhazia holds the world record in deep cave explorations - 2160 meters under the surface of earth. I aim to continue this. ‘My second activity is Landmine Monitor research, and for the latestwork on this see: ‘And the third thing is survival at home - in practice. This involves a great deal of effort in organizing daily basics such as water, electricity, hot water, rubbish disposal, foodsecurity, transportation, internet access and hundreds of other things to do in the war torn capital of a not internationally recognised state.’

As published in: Peace Studies Alumni News, Issue 3, Summer 2006