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PS Beat Weber Beat Weber

MA (2001)

In 2002 I moved to DW’s office inHuambo, central Angola, where I worked as an advisor for a community publishing project that practices a very interesting bottom-up peace building approach. The main objective isto make marginalized voices heard, through the publication of a provincial bulletin, radio,and the publication of books. It also encourages awareness of the causes of war and poverty through an extensive literacy programme and community libraries. My interest in land issues and urban development continued, and I also started a PhD at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, with a focus on the participation of civil society in urban planning processes. This might seem a bit out of the ‘peace building’ line, but the topic’s focus on participation of local civil society in a local governance process actually has a lot in common with bottom up peace building approaches that I experienced through my work.

Please find the full statement here PS Beat Weber doc