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PS Keith G Jones Keith G. Jones

MA (1980)

Keith is currently serving in Prague as Rector of the International Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been there since 1998. The seminary offers post graduate degrees (Master of Theology, Magister in Theology, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy) and has 136 students from 35 countries full and part time. It is an accredited university sector institution of the Czech government and also has validation with the University of Wales. (Web site : A major emphasis in the area of applied theology has been conflict reconciliation, human rights and religious freedom. Drawing students from all the countries of the Balkans and from throughout Europe and the Middle East we are deeply involved in interreligious dialogue and exploring issues of peace between communities and especially those struggling as persecuted minorities. Keith has a special interest in the early Anabaptists and their insights into peacemaking and is engaged, with colleagues, in research exploring both the historic insights of this much maligned group and the contemporary application of anabaptist insights in the development of gathering, intentional convictional communities of reconciliation and faith.

As published in: Peace Studies Alumni News, Issue 3, Summer 2006