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Wenyu Zang. Wenyu Zang

PhD Economics (2012)

Wenyu completed her PhD in Economics in 2012 and is now a Lecturer in Economics at Nottingham Trent University. Here she reflects on the skills developed and how our doctoral programme prepared her for employment:

My motivation to do a PhD was to become a university lecturer. The choice for my research topic came from my Master’s dissertation at the University of Warwick on the causal relationship between trade and economic growth.

A key lesson that I learned from my PhD is that you need to find the appropriate data analysis techniques to suit your research topic and data. In addition, you don’t always get the analysis results you expected! However, the most important thing is to interpret the results and to explain what they mean.

In addition to the PhD itself, I developed my academic writing skills, communication skills, presentation skills, data analysis skills, research skills and critical evaluation skills. These are essential for your career after the PhD.

Now I have completed the thesis my career plan is to continue working in an academic environment as a lecturer and a researcher.

Published: Wed 12 Jun 2013