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Albert Coker. Albert Coker, Masters in Public Administration

September, 2013

How would you introduce yourself?

My name is Albert Coker from the Republic of Sierra Leone; a country located in the West Coast of Africa. I have just completed my postgraduate degree on Master in Public Administration (MPA). The course is newly introduced by the University of Bradford to replace the MSc. Public Policy and Programme Management in the 2012/2013 Academic Year.

How did you come to study at BCID?

Actually, I came to know about the Bradford Centre for International Development (BCID) while searching for a suitable postgraduate course that would be consistent with my professional career. However, identifying a course was just the beginning of my lifetime academic journey. I needed a sponsorship, and fortunately I was awarded the University of Bradford’s Countries in Crisis Scholarship for the 2012/2013 Academic Year, now known as the University of Bradford Global Development Scholarship. This is indeed a dream coming true for me since I could not have afforded to sponsor my studies.

What do you think you have gained from it?

Frankly speaking, I never regretted in choosing a course at the BCID. I have gained tremendously since I enrolled into the new MPA programme. For instance, the programme:

  • has broadened my academic thinking on a wide range of policy issues and their ramifications for socio-economic and political development especially for developing and low-income countries;
  • provided me with the necessary learning skills to critically evaluate, analyze and synthesize different academic perspectives from various fields of study (e.g., Public Policy, Strategic Management, Project and Programme Management, Human Resource Management);
  • being a public servant, the programme also provides me with the necessary strategic management, as well as analytical skills for future leadership, and
  • specific to the BCID, I have gained in an immeasurable way through the interactions I had with colleague students from different cultural background, identity and nationality.

How was the study experience at Bradford for you?

My study experience at Bradford is an exceptional one. I think I am very much fulfilled in studying at the University of Bradford because of its academic tranquillity and knowledge exposure. City life experience sums up everything for me especially the cultural diversity that Bradford City provides. In fact, the experience I gained reminds me of the University’s “Making Knowledge Work” phrase, which in my view touches every length and breadth of the City.