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Moses Okech

MA International Development Management (2011-2012)

How would you introduce yourself?

Moses Okech, a development professional with a substantial experience in Banking, Micro-enterprise management and Community Development.

How did you come to study at the BCID?

I was looking for a specific course that addresses development issues within the international context and my search brought out the University of Bradford. I liked the MA International Development Management programme because it did not only answer my inquest but also blended quite well with my academic and professional background. The other attraction was the brevity of the course duration here compared to other countries where it could have taken 2 years. Lastly, I read somewhere that the University of Bradford had established a world-class centre for international development which had become a centre of excellence for development professionals like me.

What do you think you have gained from it?

I have reasonably gained a lot out of this institution given the time I have spent around. My project management skills have been sharpened and I have gained a deeper intellectual consciousness on development theory and policy. Most of all, I have developed a more profound level of critical thinking that makes me a better analyst than I was. Not least of all is the high level interaction I have had with people from diverse backgrounds that has boosted my cultural awareness and sensitivity.

What are you doing now?

I am currently on my PhD programme.

Received 13/10/2012