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Alumni BCID Christine Mutisya Christine Mutisya

MSc Development and Project Planning (2011-2012)

How would you introduce yourself?

I would introduce myself as a young lady passionate about development and interested in changing and improving the welfare of people. My name is Christine Mustisya, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Kenya. After completing education back home I came to the University of Bradford where I am taking a Master’s in Development and Project Planning.

What prompted your interest in studying at BCID?

As I said, I’m interested in improving the welfare of people so when I was searching for Universities in the UK I looked mostly at Development or Economic courses and then I saw this one which featured exactly what I wanted, because I like planning projects. And this one had both, development and project planning, so that is why I decided to come here. I assumed that the staff, for them to work here they must have great experience, and I wasn’t disappointed.

What do you think you have gained from studying here?

Previously during my undergraduate degree I was convinced that this is the way things are, this is what development is, but what I got from my master’s here is that development is this, but it can be that, and then it can be this, but it is up to you to choose the definition. How do I say it… we have criticised policies and issues… and it stopped me from being a ‘yes’ woman. Now I can confidently give my opinion on something. And the lectures were really good - I liked them because some of them were really practical. There was the practical aspect which was good for someone like me who has never gone for actual work experience. But like now I’m equipped and I can definitely go there with confidence and I can say that I can do this. And also the tutorials really helped. The interaction with students from different backgrounds, it was really good.

What would be your most interesting non-academic experience?

Ohhh, there are so many…. But one I liked was the cultural night, for the BCID, it was really good to taste different foods from different countries that I have never done before in my life and to just look at the dresses and the music, that was very interesting.

Received: 13/09/2012