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Alumni BCID Nangse Dema Nangse Dema

MSc Public Policy and Programme Management

How would you introduce yourself?

I am Nangsi Dema currently working in the Sales Tax Division, Department of Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Finance, Bhutan as an Assistant Commissioner. I have been working in this Ministry since 2004. I had my B.Com (Hons) degree education from the Sherubtse College in Bhutan, Post Graduation Certificate in Financial Management from the Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan and then pursued Msc. In Public Policy and Program Management from the University of Bradford, UK.
Apart from my education and career service, I am truly a family oriented person; I have a loving husband who works in the same Department, a five year old son and an eight months baby girl. In addition, I do have a very keen interest in sports particularly soccer and I still play today in my Department’s internal Ladies football team. I also actively participate in social activities and volunteering. Recently, I have introduced and organised an on-going “Happy Friday Event” for the wellbeing (work life balance) for the staff of Sales Tax Division.

How did you come to study at the BCID?

Earlier, I was not so keen in taking up a post graduate degree because of so many family obligations and I kept on postponing my further studies. However, when I got an admission and a scholarship from the World Bank to study at the University of Bradford, it was not only the right moment for me but also made me have a keen interest in studying in the UK. After processing all requirements I was finally at the UoB and my family joined me after few months.

How was the Bradford experience for you?

It was indeed the most memorable experience for me and my family. I had so much of exposure and always had things to do and learn that kept me occupied throughout my stay in Bradford. The university itself had great learning environment; adequate classrooms, infrastructures, qualified professors, rich library and so many other things. Learning, although was tedious but I must say that it has given me immense knowledge and experience.
Apart from the university learning, I also did some part-time work at Sports Direct and took up volunteering work at the Cancer Research UK which was also a part of one of our core module called the ‘Working in the Third Sector’. I also played soccer in the extreme cold weathers. I had wonderful and funny friends from different countries; we did enjoy ourselves staring from eating at the cheapest B&U fish restaurant to travelling in and around Bradford in the free city bus.
My husband and my son was with me throughout my study duration; it was my husband cooking and looking after my son while I was breaking my head writing my essays. I also conceived my second baby at a later stage of my study whilst in Bradford and my friends still call her ‘Baby Bradford’.
All in all, when I look back, I am fully contended and certain that I have learned and enjoyed myself at the fullest possible. Those experiences makes me want to go back to Bradford and experience a student’s life again.

Has the degree helped you in what you are doing now? How?

Professionally, the degree has not only enriched me with vast knowledge but has also equipped me with techniques of critical analysis, exposure in terms of gaining utmost confidence and fluency, and most importantly on writing effective research reports.
I have been entrusted with the responsibilities of sales tax assessments, planning the field assessments and policy works, implementation of sales tax rules and regulations, broadening of sales tax, and computerization of sales tax administration functions. I also play the integral role in overall strengthening and institutional capacity building of this section and in the department in general. This program has contributed to my potential and capacity, inter alia, sharing Bhutan’s tax development experience in recent times. I hold a position, whereby Public dealing is a crucial responsibility and this program has prepared me further for careers in public dealing, businesses and beyond. A lot of relevance has been provided by this program in the context of public studies, project management, civil societies, government and private sector development.
Currently, it has assisted me with my task by enhancing the skills required to a) shape, critique and implement policy initiatives, b) knowledge and awareness of various framework in policies studies, c) basic research and analytical skills, d) problem solving skills in policy context and e) advanced oral and written communication.

Received 15/10/2012