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Christelle Weckend. Christelle Weckend

MSc Public Policy and Programme Management (2007 - 2008)

Hi, my name is Christelle, I’m half German, half French, and I studied at the University of Bradford in 2007-2008 in the BCID, now called DES. One of my first degree professors in Germany advised me to apply to this department and after checking the website I found a perfect programme for me, Public Policy and Programme Management (MSc 3). I had applied for several universities in England, but finally decided that this programme suited me best.

I gained a lot of knowledge studying at the BCID: I took different classes such as technical project management (demonstrated with many practical examples) and was also able to participate in some lectures of the neighbouring Peace Studies Department, which was of great interest to me. I appreciated very much the freedom that was given to the students to pick classes from the other social science departments and the international staff. My programme was very well managed by an excellent postgraduate programme director and competent staff, always accessible and aware of student needs. 

When I first arrived in Bradford, I was a little disappointed. I had expected a bigger town with more student activities and “life”, but with time I started to like Bradford and hardly had an evening alone in the student halls. I found it very interesting that the majority of BCID-students were originally from developing countries which led to many interesting and never ending discussions. I was able to learn many new perspectives to development and face the challenges of working in groups with different people, backgrounds, cultures and working attitudes. After all, development is not only about “knowing things” but also very much about being able to work in different environments with different people. During my studies I was also able to make a joint Peace Studies - BCID delegation participate in the Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) in Mexico with funding from the University.

Christelle Weckend. After my studies I successfully applied for internships and employments. I decided to first gain some more practical experiences through an internship in the Germany Development Cooperation GTZ in the Support Programme to the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Addis Ababa. My work there lasted for 5 month and was really interesting. I engaged in conceptual work, research and management tasks in the area of Peace and Security and Good Governance. Following my internship I got a short term contract as a translator for the GTZ Sector Network Good Governance in Sub-Sahara Africa.


Finally, a few days ago, I was offered a very good job from Germany’s biggest development consulting firm (GOPA) and I will start working as a junior consultant end of July. I will be dealing with EU Framework contracts in different areas and monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects. I am a bit anxious but also looking forward to new challenges!‌

In the end, my studies in Bradford opened me many opportunities and enriched me academically, practically and personally. I can only recommend to study at the BCID/DES!

Received: 2009

Christelle Weckend.