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Milton Morrison

MSc Development and Project Planning (1999-2000)


After leaving Bradford:

I did a specialization in Utility Regulation and Strategy at the Public Utility Research Centre (PURC) of the University of Florida in Gainesville.  In the year 2000, I was appointed by the Dominican Government as Director of the Energy Department in the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Dominican Republic. Later, I assumed the academic position of Director of Electrical Engineering Department of INTEC University (the most important university in engineering field). Also, I worked for Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) related to the energy sector. From 2010, I am the Executive Vice president of the Dominican Association of Electrical Industry which gathers all the private power companies in Dominican Republic and has the objective to contribute with the development of the national energy sector.


Also, I have written three books:

1)      La Ruptura Generacional: Hacia una renovacion de la esperanza (2008)

2)      La Riqueza Diluida: un crecimiento sin rostro humano (based of my dissertation that I did in Bradford) (2010)

3)      Las Energias Renovables en la Rep. Dominicana (2001)


I have received several awards:

1)      National Prize for the Youth of the Dominican Republic

2)      Outstanding People of the Dominican Rep by the NGO Senderos del Mundo (2006)

3)      Outstanding Young Man of Dominican Republic by Jaycees- JCI (2010)

4)      Outstanding alumni of the Year INTEC University (my Alma Mater) (2013)

5)      Outstanding Member of the National Association of Young Businessmen Dominican Republic (2014)