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Travel Management

SMART Move Travel Plan

logo sign Travel is managed through the Integrated Transport Policy Group (ITPG) which feeds in to the Ecoversity Action Group and Buildings & Estates Committee.


Our first Travel Plan focussed primarily on commuter travel and led to major reductions in single occupancy car use from 62% - 43% for staff and 21% to 14% for students.


The new travel plans broadens the focus to include significant work around reducing business travel and associated carbon emissions also.  Key aims of the new plan are:

  • Become a beacon university for green travel by improving travel in the district for all in partnership with other institution
  • Improve the quality of journeys to and from our sites and make it easier and cheaper to get between our sites
  • Improve the take up of lower carbon forms of travel and limit unnecessary journeys to and from our sites


Key priorities for the new plan are controlling car use and congestion around our sites, improving student travel options and better marketing and communication of options.

To see the plans please click here: Smart Travel Plan 2016-20