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Facilities - Business - University of Bradford

Digital Health Enterprise Zone. The  Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ)  programme is a £13 million partnership led by the University of Bradford and backed by investment from City of Bradford Metropolitan ... District Council and the UK government.

Bradford academic demonstrates the scope of digital pathology in the House of Commons - 2015 - News - University of Bradford

2015. More. 2015. Bradford academic demonstrates the scope of digital pathology in the House of Commons. ... The digital images can be archived and retrieved as needed; promoting the sharing of material for diagnosis, education and research.

Daniel Neagu, Professor of Computing at the University of Bradford

The main theme throughout his academic work is to develop models of multidisciplinary information systems by the fusion of experts knowledge and digital information.

Research - School of Management - University of Bradford

Public Sector Transformation and Digital Governance. ... Branding, social networking and value creation. Digital marketing . Ethics, corporate social responsibility and responsible management education.

Kevin Adams, Lecturer in Bioenterprise at the University of Bradford

Applications of digital technology in pharmacy teaching. This has led to collaborations with computer science and media studies students on developing augmented reality/virtual reality tools. ... Digital technologies in healthcare - the use of

Andrew Wilson, Chair in Forensic & Archl Sciences at the University of Bradford

Professor Andrew S. Wilson,  PhD,  MCIfA, FHEA is an Archaeologist and Heritage Scientist with wide-ranging research interests in Digital Heritage, Human Bioarchaeology, Conservation, Taphonomy, and Forensic Archaeology. ... with varied imaging and

Learning, Teaching and Quality Enhancement - University of Bradford

Steve Gray. Digital Learner Developer. Email: ... Richard Layden. Digital Learner Developer. Email:

Reprographic services - Special Collections - University of Bradford

We encourage visitors to bring their own digital cameras or smartphones to capture images for their personal research. ... Special Collections offers digitisation and photocopying services for enquirers who for practical or legal reasons cannot take

Rami Qahwaji, Professor of Visual Computing at the University of Bradford

2007). Authors. Qahwaji, Rami S.R.; Colak, Tufan.  . Title. Robust self embedding watermarking technique in the DWT domain for digital colored images (2007). ... Authors. Al-Tahan Al-Nu'aimi A.; Qahwaji R. Journal. Journal of Digital Information