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Bradford Graduate Blog 50 Years’ Chemistry Reunion – Woohoo!!

The all weather pitches behind the halls still look good and the medical centre is still alongside.

Bradford Life Forensic and Medical Sciences

Student life in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Posts Categorized: Forensic and Medical Sciences. ... She has been blogging about her…. Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 inRadhika Dave is a second year MSci Forensic and Medical Sciences student.

Dementia Studies Informative

Commentary on contemporary issues surrounding Dementia, from the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies, University of Bradford. Posts Categorized: Informative. We have recently launched our new “50 Shades of Dementia” short course training

Bradford Graduate Blog Med School Reject: Finding success in your failure

passion. I transferred to the Forensic and Medical science course which allowed me to study hair even further. ... She studied Forensic and Medical sciences and graduated in 2015 going on to work in marketing.

Bradford Life Engineering your future – placement years in industry

Engineering graduates have a vast range of career paths open to them. The work of engineers is at the heart of every industry, every product, and every part of our built environment. It’s engineers…

Dementia Studies Let’s hear it for care home staff!

They have had to care for terminally ill residents in accommodation designed for residential use rather than medical treatment.

Bradford Life How one choice can lead to endless possibilities

Work will range from routine testing to urgent medical emergencies. It can be a very high-pressured environment. ... Biomedical Science at the University of Bradford offers you five different specialities in year three, including; cancer biology,

Bradford Graduate Blog Bradford Lad to China Success Story

A serious medical emergency involving his younger brother Anwaar, who had come to China with Ali, made him realise that support services for foreigners in similar situations were non-existent. ... An idea began to form in his head. ‘What if there was

Dementia Studies UK Dementia Congress 2017

There was a wide range of topics covered across the three days of the conference, which allowed showcasing the various health, social and medical aspects related to dementia, both from the

Bradford Graduate Blog Makeda Antoine-Cambridge – A Profile

OneTNT: Founding President. Trinidad and Tobago, NGO focused on nation-building and community development through online activism and offering free clinics (legal, medical, dental, optometrists) across Trinidad and Tobago.