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The Tracker Chronicles - University of Bradford

Using surveillance technology, data collection, digital print and re-imagined objects, The Tracker Chronicles plays with an array of information gathering devices, exploring their possible meanings and applications. ... For more information on Ways of

ARC7052-B_Digital Worlds 202021-MD

Outline Syllabus. Digital documentation approaches (terrestrial scanning; SFM photogrammetry; structured light scanning; CT imagery; 3D microscopy; use of SUA and other aerial imagery; geospatial information; multispectral imagery) Handling digital

Developing your skills - Careers - University of Bradford

Information and digital literacy. ... Information and digital literacy.  .


opportunities using information and digital literacy, problem solving and decision making, career. ... financial literacy skills, team and customer working skills, information and digital literacy skills, career.

Kuttimani Tamilmani, Lecturer (IB, M & B) at the University of Bradford

Management Research, European Marketing Academy, and Pacific Asia conference on information systems (PACIS). ... Responsible Design, Implementation and Use of Information and Communication Technology. Publisher.


Digital And Social Media Marketing. MAR6011-B. Interactive Services Marketing. MAR7510-B. Consumer Behaviour and Insights in the Digital Age. ... MAR7511-B. Digital Marketing, Campaign Planning and Analytics. OIM5009-B. Management of Information Systems

Information and Digital Literacies Statement

Information and Digital Literacies Statement In the Higher Education environment students need information skills to develop self-directed, independent learning. ... section=library. Information and Digital Literacies Statement. What are information

Prof. Rae Earnshaw: Harnessing the Digital Age - January 2008 - 2014 - News - University of Bradford

eStrategy has already delivered noticeable improvements to our working lives. The University can now provide online information and transaction systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allow users ... For me, this is communicating in an information age.

Recruitment information and advice - Services for business - University of Bradford

Team and customer working. Problem solving and decision making. Innovation and enterprise. Information and digital literacy. ... If you would like to employ one of our international students, information and advice about the working regulations.

Seminars Archive - Computer Science - University of Bradford

He is involved in numerous research projects, but with one common aim – how can we use computing and information technology to improve the health of the population. ... Information service. Brokerage service. Horizon 2020 services. Andy will show some

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