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The Web Team We’re off to IWMW, the wonderful world of IWMW

This is going to be an engaging andinformation sharing’ session where we explore themes including:. ... The conference has over 100 people attending and this is testament of the need of this sort of event for the continual development of web and

DOING FIELDWORK IN A PANDEMIC Crowdsourced document initiated by ...

References. 7. Lindgren, T., V. Fors, S. Pink &M. Bergquist (2019) ‘Experiencing the Future Car: Anticipatory UX as a Social and Digital Phenomenon’, Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems: 31:1 , Article ... Online available

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Develops capabilities in IT and digital technology, as appropriate. Presents complex ideas with clarity. ... packages. Is IT literate and competent in using information and digital technology.