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Career and Employability Services Future

Here we introduce the weekly themes and suggest ways in which you can use digital networking to develop your future goals.

British Science Festival Pipe Organ Tone: A Window into the Science of Music

Dr Lucy Comerford said: “The aim is to use music as a contact point for people. ... The work of the husband and wife team, who undertake this innovative research at the University, includes study of the perception of  hybrid organs, which use both

Bradford Life Four cutting-edge career paths for Archaeology graduates

Illustrators now also use the latest digital tools to realistically recreate finds and site maps in 3D, collaborate with colleagues, and share breakthroughs online. ... GIS officers use these systems to monitor, plan and manage land in a range of

Learning and Teaching Visualising disciplinary access

One approach which may offer potential, highlighted through a discussion with the student about extra-curricular hobbies &activities, is the use of very large screens and three dimensional digital models/terrains. ... as a teaching aid to put students in

BLESS U Project BLESS U Workshop in Creative and Smart Healthcare of the Future

What are the forms, functions and possibilities of the physical, spatial and digital infrastructures and architectures that support urban activity? ... Critical representation of the interaction of use, need, material and immaterial (digital and

Career and Employability Services Employers

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 inFollowing on from last week’s post in how to find a job in digital marketing, this week we look at how we can all use digital

Career and Employability Services Resource of the week

Here we introduce the weekly themes and suggest ways in which you can use digital networking to develop your future goals.

Career and Employability Services 5 Tips for Maintaining a Professional Social Media Presence

A study researched by Jobvite found that 90% of employers use LinkedIn as part of their talent search. ... Perhaps create a Twitter account for personal use and another for use in the workplace.

Career and Employability Services Alumni Stories – Ben Bisco, Head of Digital at JD Williams

After more than ten years working in digital agencies, I decided to give client-side a go. ... Personally I love how Digital Marketing enables me to use both my technical and creative skills.

1 Final SC 20.01.2014 MAKING KNOWLEDGE WORK Learning and ...

developing staff to use more creative, student centred approaches to teaching, assessment and. ... September 2014 Director of International Development. Existing 2 Yes. 3.We will develop excellence in the creative use of digital literacies of all staff.