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Tao Wan, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bradford

Tao's research interests are focused in the areas of Digital Health, VR/AR technologies, Computer Vision, AI and deep learning, Computational Models for visualisation, Real-time Modelling and Simulation, Games ... Modelling of human social behaviours,

Health technology - Research - University of Bradford

Assisting with patient and family self-management and understanding. Healthcare technologies are not merely devices designed to cure and investigate problems but also to enhance health and wellbeing and optimize the ... Other work includes working in

DHEZ - University of Bradford

DHEZ's digital health teaching and learning facilities in the Phoenix Building are designed to support interactive teaching and learning methods. ... university. Bradford Pathology will provide education and training in the design and delivery of

Centre for Visual Computing - University of Bradford

Dr T Wan. Senior Lecturer in Digital Visual Engineering technologies, Games and Animation. ... Dr Samar Betmouni. Director of Clinical Pathology and Deputy Director, Digital Health Enterprise Zone.

Our people - School of Management - University of Bradford

His current research interests include exploring the emergent role of digital technologies in the circular economy, information systems evaluation, social innovation and e-Government. ... His current research interests focus on the adoption of emerging

Research Seminars - Computer Science - University of Bradford

Abstract:. Digital technologies have been re-shaping and re-structuring the business models and processes of organizations. ... Furthermore, we also advance the common understanding of how SA is been affected by digital technologies in disaster risk

My unplanned academic career - Research blog - University of Bradford

Sankar's main aim is to improve society with the use of digital technologies, particularly in the context of sustainability and the circular economy. . ... My current and evolving research interests include exploring the role of digital technologies

Animation BSc (Hons) degree - University of Bradford

In addition to using state-of-the-art processes and technologies to create digital animations, you will gain a solid grounding in classical animation techniques, drawing, cinematography, story telling and the ... Digital Compositing and Post Production

The repeat prescribing report - 2017 - News - University of Bradford

Mark Livingstone, CEO of Pharmacy2U, comments: “The report makes it clear that continued digital transformation is essential in improving patient access to healthcare and helping to relieve the strain on the ... Head of the University of Bradford

Council Profiles - Committees - University of Bradford

My current research and teaching is multidisciplinary and centred around public sector policy implementation, process transformation through digital government, social innovation and the implementation, diffusion and adoption of disruptive