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Prof. Rae Earnshaw: Harnessing the Digital Age - January 2008 - 2014 - News - University of Bradford

2014. More. 2014. Prof. Rae Earnshaw: Harnessing the Digital Age - January 2008. ... For me, this is communicating in an information age. "We offer a 'Communicating in an Information Age' module that focuses on developing group working and information,

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) webinars - School of Management - University of Bradford

More. Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) webinars. We are delighted to be working with Barclays on a series of webinars which offer advice to small business start ups and which promote growth within the region. This new series, which began on the

News and events - Business - University of Bradford

News and events. More. News and events. News.  . Events. Please visit our coronavirus &on-campus events page for the latest information regarding events.  . Join Alex La Via from Live More Offline to find out more about the impact that being

MAR5011-B_Marketing Management and Strategy in a Digital Age_MD202021

Module Descriptor. Module Details. Module Title: Marketing Management and Strategy in a Digital Age. ... Appraise the interdisciplinary nature and demands of the topic 1c. Appraise the challenges associated with implementing strategic marketing plans in

Professor Neil Anderson, Professor (P, O & E) at the University of Bradford

Peer Reviewed Journal. Title. Personnel Selection in the Digital Age: A Review of Validity and Applicant Reactions, and Future Research Challenges (2019).

Modules - LTQE - University of Bradford

PAR6009-B.   Sport Trauma Management (MPhysiotherapy) . MHT7015-B.   Telemedicine for the Digital Age. ... MAR5011-B.   Marketing Management and Strategy in a Digital Age.

Clinical Technology BSc (Hons) degree - University of Bradford

Core. Core. Telemedicine for the Digital Health Age (MHT5010-B). Clinical Movement Analysis (MHT5011-B).

Past Events - University of Bradford

How have ‘traditional’ processes and crafts responded to the shift into the digital and immaterial age?

Activities for schools, colleges and young people - Schools and colleges - University of Bradford

Flat teaching space with PowerPoint facilities. Health. 2, 4, 7. 'Business Managers in the Digital Age. ... Similarly, business managers of today are also required to digitally up-skill and adapt in order for them to thrive in the digital age.


computer music and sampling; music in the age of mechanical, electronic and digital reproduction,.