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Children’s University

The Children’s University (CU) is a charity trust, active across the UK. It works to increase young people's engagement with learning activities, while raising attainment and achievement in school.

Our key goals for the Bradford Children’s University are to:

  • help develop a love for learning, and an understanding of what learning is
  • reward children for their efforts and achievements
  • create opportunities through partnerships with local organisations (E.g. Eureka! & The Peace Museum)
  • make a contribution to our community by raising aspirations and widening participation

The CU promotes social mobility, providing exciting and innovative learning experiences outside school for children aged 7 to 14, and engaging the wider community as learning partners.

Children are rewarded for their endeavours and engagement by collecting ‘credits’ in their Passports to Learning. Credits are hours logged in the Children’s passports; the more hours collected the higher level of award a child can earn (e.g. Bronze Award = 30 Hours).

The Children’s CU achievements across the year are celebrated with a Graduation ceremony. The ceremony is held at the University, with participants collecting their awards in true university graduate style.

Schools who subscribe to the Children’s University scheme will be required to pay an annual subscription, and for the costs of students’ ‘Passports to Learning’.

The University of Bradford can support your school in joining the Children’s University by:

  • meeting with your students, staff, governors and parents to introduce the programme
  • providing information for parents
  • supplying ‘Passports to Learning’, stamps, pens and posters
  • accrediting after-school clubs
  • organising graduation ceremonies on campus for children, their families and teachers
  • utilising our world class facilities to deliver exciting learning experience days
  • delivering learning opportunities across Bradford for local children

Find Out More

If your school would like to get involved with the Children’s University, contact Thomas Whitford-Bartle, UK and Eire Recruitment and Outreach Officer: