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Expanding Communications Capability

Expanding Communications Capability

Seven Technologies Group Ltd worked with the faculty of Engineering and Informatics on this Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The collaboration aimed to expand the capability of specialist communication systems and develop, implement and test new energy-efficient coding, signal processing methods and hardware innovations, for existing and new commercial products within a short timescale.

Project Outcomes

The project laid the foundations for a future generation of tracking systems for the company and very positive financial projections from increased sales. It opened up opportunities for new teaching materials, student projects and research theses and 22 academic papers were written as a result.  Innovate UK graded it outstanding and both associates are now employed in the company.

The Academic

“The close collaboration between the industrial supervisors, the associates and the academic supervisors has been stimulating and enriching for
all parties. For my part, it has been interesting and also great fun to concentrate my mind on a most challenging area of radio communications.”
Professor Raed Abd-Alhameed, Professor of Electromagnetics and Radio-Frequency, Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, University of Bradford

Professor Abd-Alhameed lead a team of academics on this project, including Dr Stephen MR Jones and Dr James M Noras.
The academic partners gained experience of real product design problems and have developed new skills and knowledge related
to the technology in this KTP project. As a consequence, new areas in academic research and teaching have been defined and
derived from this partnership and both partners are continuing to work together.

Results for the Academics

  • Updated undergraduate and postgraduate teaching materials and methods.
  • New topics for student projects and areas of research for PhD programmes
  • New research funding bids in the fields this project covered.
  • Further research and industrial collaborations in this area of work.
  • Filing for 2 related patents.
  • 2 new PhD students registered with the academic group.
  • To date 26 papers have been published and 6 others are in preparation.