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Managing your projects

Research Staff (Directly Incurred Staff Costs)

Depending on the nature of the project work, you may need to recruit research staff and technicians to work on the project. Again, these must be justified and their work packages clearly defined. They will typically have unique skill-sets and should the following information should be considered when including DI Staff costs  

  • Who will you be recruiting? Research Staff, Project Managers and/or Technicians?
  • Do you require one set of skills for the duration of the grant or will you require different skills as the project develops?  Will this mean that you will need to recruit to different roles?
    • Research Assistants (non-PhD qualified) = Grade 7, spine points 27-33
    • Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PhD Qualified) = Grade 8, Spine points 32 – 37
    • There are two template job descriptions held on the HR system, Service Now. These templates are available for a Research Assistant (grade 7) and Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (grade 8) that cover most research roles.  
  • The RSA process will need to be initiated after submission of the application to ensure staff can be appointed within the appropriate timeframe. The RSA approval process normally takes four to six weeks to complete.  
  • It is important to identify staff currently at the University who may be suitable appointments prior to the job advertisement being advertised externally.