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University Policy & Procedure

UoB Ethics policy

The policy applies to any person conducting research within the University; the researcher is bound by this policy regardless of their location while conducting any research.

All University researchers have a duty to society, their profession, to the University and to the body funding their research, hence the researcher must familiarise themselves with and follow both the ethics policy and the University’s Code of Practice.

For information please consider the University research ethics policy.

UoB expectations of researchers (staff and students)

The University expects the researcher to follow a particular code of practice, so have developed the Good research practice guide (GRP).

The Good research practice guide outlines the Universities position on research practice and its expectation of research staff and students.

  • University

UoB expect the researcher to carry out the research effectively and accurately, in accordance with the Research Ethics Panel (REP) and the Universities Code of practice.

The University is represented by the researcher on any research study, consequently affecting the Universities credit and reputation.

  • Research team

The research team is expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the GRP and adhere to the research ethics policy and University regulations.

The research team is expected to carry out research in agreement with internal and external stakeholders, to ensure smooth running of the research projects.

  • Principal investigators/lead researcher

The primary responsibility for considering, respecting and safeguarding the dignity, rights, safety and wellbeing of participants involved in research lies with the lead researcher.

  • Participant

To be treated with respect, only research that hasn’t been carried out before should be done, to gain beneficial knowledge.

Also the responsibility the researcher has to consider the ethical implications, do they affect the people involved?

UoB Reporting Procedures

The University has a procedure in place that governs the investigation of a disclosure or complaint relating to misconduct in research.

When someone (student, staff, member of the research team, participant, member of the public) disclose concerns or information regarding misconduct in the area of University research.

For more information please consider the Procedure for conducting Investigations into allegations of misconduct associate.

Health and Safety in Research

The University has a Health and Safety policy in place, which is tailored to take into account many situations.

Health and safety guidelines can be found in full at the following link: Health and Safety Policy.