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Research Ethics

Who we are and what we do

The University is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in research undertaken by staff and students.

Research involving human participants, their tissue or data (including personal information) must be approved by one of the University Research Ethics Panels (REPs) before any research activity can commence.

Checklists & Applications for consideration by either of the below must be submitted to

  • Humanities, Social and Health Sciences (HSHS) Research Ethics Panel (generally Social Sciences, Management & Law and Health Studies [non clinical research])
  • Biomedical, Natural, Physical and Health Sciences (BNPHS) Research Ethics Panel (generally Life Sciences Engineering & Informatics and Health Studies [clinical research])

IRAS Checklist & Applications to be reviewed internally before submission through the IRAS Portal must be submitted to

  • IRAS Application Review Panel

Please note that the review process for each of the above can take up to 30 (work) days, and during exceptional and busy periods, it can take longer; therefore please ensure you give yourself adequate time when applying for ethical approval.

Below we provide key information on the principles to be considered when applying for ethical approval for research studies and the process to follow.