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How to get Involved

If you have some undisclosed, novel research that you think can be transferred into intellectual property in return for a commercial benefit, please get in touch with us. If your IP is not disclosed to us as soon as possible, the opportunity could be developed elsewhere, reducing significantly the scope for Bradford to gain first commercial advantage. Your first step should be to contact the Enterprise and Commercialisation team, and submit to us a Short Disclosure Form.

When thinking of commercialising, there are some questions for the University and yourself to consider:

  • Do we have a clear commercial case?
  • Can we establish an IP strategy to manage the idea?
  • Will your research attract resources (people and money) to achieve commercial proof of concept?
  • Can commercialising this research obtain a financial return to the University and inventors?

Some other key information:

  • Inventions from academics and professional University staff are owned by the University (as per University IP Policy)
  • There is a need to seek and actively engage external partners to develop and commercialise research
  • Opportunities can enter or exit the commercialisation process at any stage
  • The earlier an opportunity is disclosed to the Commercialisation team, the better chance we have of gaining IP and commercial advantage.

Once we start the process of commercialising your research, there are a number of possible stages we will take you through.