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Research Matters radio show

Latest show: BCB (106.6FM and online)

Sunday 16th October at 1pm.

Research Matters is a Bradford Community Broadcasting programme highlighting research based in and important to Bradford, and the people who are doing it. The programme is hosted by Professor Marcus Rattray, University of Bradford with a new programme every four weeks.

The latest, and last regular edition, is broadcast Sunday 16th October at 1pm.

Professor Chris Gaffney, Dr Gilsela Helfer and Steve Tillotson

Chris Gaffney, Professor of Archaeological Science and Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the University of Bradford.  He talks about how geophysics and technology has transformed archaeological discovery including the discovery of the 'second Stonehenge'. He also reflects on Bradford heritage and how the Bradford Digital Twin developed by the Archaeology team in collaboration with Bradford Council will revolutionise urban planning.

Gisela Helfer, Associate Professor in Physiology and Metabolism at the University of Bradford and Director of Bradford Cafe Scientifique talks about Cafe Scientifique and reflects on over three years of broadcasting BCB Research Matters. 

Steve Tillotson brings a roundup of latest news and events from the University of Bradford.