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Submission of the thesis

Short courses on how to submit your thesis

This short course is presented by staff from the Student Registry Services (SRS) Research team.

It is a 1.5-2 hour presentation that summarises the most important aspects in submitting your thesis both prior to examination and your finalised thesis.

Current presentation slides and link to the Short Courses for Research are given below:

First submission/pre-viva thesis submission


The length of registration for a Full-time PhD student is 4 years, from your date of registration. For a part-time student it is 7 years from the date of registration. These are the last possible dates you should work towards for the submission of your thesis. This is recorded on your student card.

You should always contact the Research Administration team on if you are ready to submit your thesis, to time, but are anticipating a delay with the printing and binding service you use.

Temporary binding of the thesis (before the viva/exam)

The thesis presented in temporary binding should be perfectly bound with black covers and a black spine and not ring-bound nor presented in folders. 

Please refer to the section on style and layout.

Arrangements for printing and binding

Students can use the printing and binding service provided by Student Print which is now based within Inprint + Design in WB07 Richmond Building:

Each copy of the thesis must be printed on good-quality (100 gsm weight) white paper and not photocopied.

The thesis must be printed and bound according to University standards. Any thesis not produced according to University standards will be rejected. To avoid disappointment and additional expense, please ensure your thesis complies with University's Research regulations (available on the Academic Quality website).

Front cover and spine

The lettering on the temporary bound copies is done in white on black card.

The bound thesis (both temporary and permanent) must have on the front cover:

  • the initials and surname of the candidate.
  • the title of the thesis (exactly the same as the approved title).
  • the name of the degree for which the thesis is submitted. 
  • the year of your original submission i.e. pre Viva Voce examination.

On the spine there must be the following printed downwards so that it can be read when the book lies flat, face upwards:

  • the name of the candidate (surname or family name and initials).
  • the name of the degree. 
  • the year of the original submission.

The approved sub-title must appear on the title page underneath the title, but not on the cover of the thesis.  Please do not include any other qualification titles you have received within the title/cover pages of the thesis.

What to include with your thesis

  • Three bound copies of the thesis (these are normally temporarily bound prior to the Viva/Exam).  These copies are sent to two Examiners and the Principal Supervisor by the Hub-Student Registry Services (Research).
  • Three copies of any other material which is being submitted with the thesis.
  • Thesis Submission Form which certifies the work is an original work produced by you (this form is provided when you submit or emailed to you if you away from the University when submitting your thesis).

In addition, you may require:

  • A Declaration of English Language Assistance in Compiling a Thesis.
  • A Certificate where part or all of the research was undertaken away from University, signed by the External Supervisor or responsible person, that the thesis consists of the student's own work (this is normally done as a statement signed by the appropriate person and is bound within the thesis).
  • If the work was done in co-operation with others, the candidates contribution must be certified in a statement by the candidate as to the share which the candidate has personally taken in the work (this is normally done as a statement signed by the student and is bound within the thesis).

Staff candidates with two External Examiners may wish to consider providing the Internal Chair (link person) with a temporary bound copy of the thesis.  Providing this extra copy is optional.  This copy can be given direct to the member of staff concerned.  At minimum the Staff candidate must provide the Link Person with their Thesis Abstract and Table of Contents.

Students must bring along to their Viva Voce an additional copy of the thesis, paged in exactly the same way as the three copies submitted to the Student Registry Services (SRS) Research team.  This copy is for your own reference during the Viva.

Please note: candidates can choose to present their pre-exam submission in permanently bound form (ready for the Library), however this is not recommended due to the cost involved.  That is, nearly all examiners require some changes to the thesis after examination and many mark-up a thesis. 

Additional material and appendices

Where applicable, diagrams, maps and similar documents may be submitted in a portfolio of any size but must bear the particulars as shown on the thesis cover and spine.

Where it is necessary to include a substantial amount of support material within a thesis, such information may be contained in an appendix which depending on the size, can form a second volume.  Alternatively, or in addition, material may be held in non-paper format (CD-ROM or DVD). Use a permanent marker to label the disc (clearly marked with the your name, UB number, Faculty and thesis title), not a sticky label, and store the disc in a pocket attached to the inside back cover of the thesis.  This is subject to Examiners being able to view the content as part of the assessment should they wish to do so.  It should be stated in the thesis, at the appropriate point, what software has been used. 

Re-submission of the thesis after first viva/exam

If your Examiners have recommended an outcome of Revise and Re-present of your thesis, the process above detailing pre-viva submission must be followed again. You must keep the year of submission the same as the original submission, for example, if you first submitted in 2012 and you are re-submitting in 2013 please also put 2012 on your re-submitted thesis.

Student Registry Services (Research) are responsible for submitting revised theses to Examiners - no person is allowed to send an unbound copy of a revised thesis to the Examiners prior to formal re-submission.

For further details on revisions to the thesis, please see Amendments to the Thesis web page.

Final submission post-viva / exam

Please see information regarding final submission.