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3D Modelling of the Cornea

The cornea is the convex and transparent covering at the front of the eye. It is responsible for most of the focusing power required to create an image on the retina.

A confocal microscope a sequence of image at different depths from the front surface of the eye, showing the various corneal layers and structures. From these images, ophthalmologists can extract clinical information on the state of health of a patient's cornea. Currently, analyses of these images are mainly based on visual interpretation of these images or on semi-automatic methods, which might contribute to making erroneous disagnoses.

Our research aims to automatically build 3D-models of the Cornea, along with automated analytical tools, to help clinicians to make fast and accurate diagnoses.

Our research in Corneal Imaging is just one of the areas of medical imaging that we are active in. Please see more on our dedicated medical imaging research page.