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Predicting Human Facial Ageing

Case Study: Computer Based Simulation of Human Facial Ageing

There are plenty of applications for the science of accurately forecasting how human faces will look after years of ageing. It's not just the passage of time that can be simulated: health care professionals can also use our platform to demonstrate how the changes are excpected to differ with a variety of lifestyle factors.


To develop a computer based simulation platform for simulation of human facial ageing based on 3D scan data of faces.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) DTA Studentship.


We have developed a computer based platform for prediction of human facial ageing. Based on 3D scan data of a given face human face our platform can predict the age of the person and can predict the facial changes as the person ages. The system can also predict the facial changes due to other external factors such as smoking and use of drugs. 


A computer based platform for predicting facial ageing in 3D.