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Automated Analysis of Digital Mammograms

Case Study: Speeding up the detection of tumours in breast cancer screening

Breast cancer screening is currently carried out by radiologists, who have to individually examine each result. What if an automated computer analysis could accurately detect abnormalities instead, cutting workload and speeding up diagnosis?


A Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) is designed to reduce the workload of radiologists by offering automatic detection, verification and/or classification of abnormalities in digital mammogram images such as microcalcifications, circumscribed masses and speculated lesions.


Mammogram radiologists


Initial funding by Applied Science University (Jordan)


The development of a computerised CAD system with advanced features to accurately detect the abnormal structure in mammograms and to provide accurate measurements of the size and the location of tumours.


Initial trials at Applied Science University (Jordan) and King Hussein Medical City (Jordan)