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3D Laser Scanning

3d laser scanner

Our non-contact 3D digitising facility can instantaneously digitise the external profiles of various industrial parts – including press parts, machined parts, dies, prototypes, cast parts and injection moulded parts – into 3D data.

The digitised profile data can then be accurately reproduced on a computer screen. By comparing this data against 3D CAD data with optional application software, we can quickly output measurement reports on overall deviation, cross-sectional deviation, wall thickness distribution and GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance).

As well as measurement for inspection and quality control, our facility offers various applications including:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Creation of machining data
  • Digital mockup

Laser Scanners

The Centre for Visual Computing has two pieces of laser scanning equipment for different applications: a FARO Arm Laser Scanner suitable for engineering components and artefacts, and a FARO Laser Scanner P120 which rotates 360° and measures everything within its line of sight up to 120m away.

FARO Laser ScanArm V3

The FARO Laser ScanArm V3 enables the inspection of parts in detail by capturing huge point-cloud data. It tackles all measurement tasks like inspection, point cloud-to-CAD comparison, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D modelling. Its main benefits are the exact scanning of reflective and dark objects, the biggest challenge for all scanning systems.

FARO Photon 120 Laser Scanner

The P120 is a large-scale high speed 3D scanner for full detail survey work. Using non-contact laser technology, it rapidly generates detailed three dimensional replicas of complex environments and geometries. The resulting image is a collection of 3D measurements, providing an accurate digital representation of as-built or as-is conditions.