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Broadcasting An Interactive TV Series From A Virtual Studio

Case Study: A networked interactive virtual TV studio

Can distributed virtual environments be used in the TV medium to create an interactive show, broadcast from a virtual studio? This EU-funded study brought a whole range of TV professionals together with their audiences to find out.


To bring together broadcasters, content creators and users into an interactive virtual studio environment supported by broadband networks.


A number of European broadcasters and content creators


€3.6 million from the European Union


Codenamed VISTA (Virtual Interactive Studio Television Applications using Networked Graphical Supercomputers), this major project with 10 partners designed and implemented a telematics platform to support real-time interactive television. Real and digital material could be combined together across European countries by fast networks and then broadcast interactively to audiences

The application was an interactive television drama series where each episode combined interactive virtual environment techniques with the television medium. The production team incorporated a broadcast director, storywriters, graphics artists, animators, computer scientists, audio professionals, a television production crew and online interactive users.


10 episodes of an interactive drama series.