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Developing Better HDR Displays - Colour Calibration

Case Study: Displaying Colour-Calibrated Images in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Displays

One of two projects with BrightSide Technologies, now part of the Dolby group, to support the development of better HDR displays. This project established a process for displaying calibrated colour images on an HDR.


To establish a framework that will allow for the display of calibrated images in HDR displays.


BrightSide Technologies (now part of the DOLBY group)


grant from the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).


Combining numerical methods with our understanding of colorimetry and device technology we established and validated a process for displaying calibrated colour images on a HDR.


A 3700 flat-panel BrightSide DR37-P HDR display was characterised. Using a spectroradiometer we recorded spectral radiance, chromaticities and luminance and estimated the true increase in gamut of the display due to the additional LED layer. We present a basic characterisation, propose a method for accurately presenting a desired luminance and chromaticity output despite the underdetermined problem and give an estimate of the available gamut.


  • Ruppertsberg, A.I, Bloj, M., Banterle, F. and Chalmers A. (2007) "Displaying colorimetrically calibrated images on a high dynamic range display", J. Vis. Commun. Image R., 18, 429-438