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Mediplas 2013

Further details about exhibition parts

Find more information on the Exhibiting at Mediplas 2013 - News Item event page.

Diffraction - Gratings Download Diffraction - Gratings
(PDF, 154kb)
Download Diffraction - Gratings
(Word, 122kb)
Anticounterfeit - QR-code Download Anticounterfeit - QR-code
(PDF, 138kb)
Download Anticounterfeit - QR-code
(Word, 106kb)
DRFP Case study Download DRFP Case study
(PDF, 252kb)
Download DRFP Case study
(Word, 330kb)
Heat Exchanger Device Download Heat Exchanger Device
(PDF, 152kb)
Download Heat Exchanger Device
(Word, 151kb)
Fresnel Lenses Download Fresnel Lenses
(PDF, 110kb)
Download Fresnel Lenses
(Word, 119)
LED Diffuser Download LED Diffuser
(PDF, 197kb)
Download LED Diffuser
(Word, 221kb)
Light Collecting Devices Download Light Collecting Devices
(PDF, 134kb)
Download Light Collecting Devices
(Word, 99kb)
Transdermal Microneedles Download Transdermal Microneedles
(PDF, 269kb)
Download Transdermal Microneedles
(Word, 281kb)
Cell Assay Download Cell Assay
(PDF, 568kb)
Download Cell Assay
(Word, 403kb)