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Mr Glen Thompson

PositionResearch and Knowledge Transfer Development Officer and Senior Technician
LocationPolymer IRC
DepartmentPolymer IRC
RKT CentrePolymer Micro and Nano Technology
Telephone01274 234513

Professional History

Apprentice trained Electro\Mechanical Engineer with CAD and CAM experience

Senior research Technician at Leeds University Physics department for 12 years

Professional Activities

  • Designing and building bespoke research equipment for application-specific projects e.g. Micro Die-drawing for SAX/WAX X-ray and Biaxial oriented stent production apparatus with real-time monitoring and data collection.
  • Designing and setting-up bespoke polymer extrusion equipment for novel products including Billet manufacture, Tubing, Skin/Core filaments and Profiles.
  • Single screw melt polymer processing including Ridged/Flexible Tubing, Monofilament, Multifilament and Profile extrusion.
  • Twin-screw melt polymer processing including Gel Electrolytes, Medical Tubing and Compounding.
  • Injection Moulding Tool design, Machine operation and Shape memory over-moulding.
  • Solid phase processing production expertise include Solid and Hollow Profiles, Shape memory products and Hot Compaction.   

Current Projects

Currently working with SINOPEC, SABIC, Cardiff University and the EPSRC


Articles in Journals

  • 2016

‘Development of High Shrinkage Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Shape Memory Polymer Tendons for Concrete Crack Closure’ Journal of Applied Polymer Science.  Manuscript reference number APP-2016-05-1463

  • 2006

Separator-free rechargeable lithium ion cells produced by the extrusion lamination of polymer gel electrolytes

Journal of Power Sources. Volume 162, Issue 2, 22 November 2006

Conference Contributions


‘Neck profile geometries in solid phase processing of polymers’ PPS-32 Lyon, France



‘Study of ultrasound carbon nanotubes migration in polymers’ PPS-Graz, Austria


‘The Effect of Die Surface Roughness on Die-Drawing of Commodity Polymers’ PPS-29, Nuremberg, Germany



‘Axial and Biaxially Oriented Polymers’, CIPS 2012, Maastricht



‘Oriented Polymers for Architectural Composites’, PPE11, Bradford, UK


Other research activity

Patent WO2013050775A1             Medical devices containing shape memory polymer           compositions 2013

Patent WO 2013050782 A3           Tailored polymers 2013

Patent WO 2013050781 A3           Process for the manufacture of shape memory polymer material 2013

Patent WO2013050778 A1            Shape memory polymer compositions 2013

Patent WO 2008057168 A1           Substantially proportional drawing die for polymer compositions 2008

Patent WO 2008144183 A3           Low density oriented polymer composition with inert inorganic filler 2009

Patent WO 2009130033 A1           Process for Making Opaque Polyester Film 2009

Patent WO 2009130032 A1           Flexible intermediate bulk container 2009

Patent WO 2014045068 A1           Method of producing a tube for use in the formation of a stent, and such tube      2014

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