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We welcome home, EU and international students to join our team.

Current students



Mr Michael Hebda

Mr Milan Gilson

Mr George Reider-Jacks

Mr Mert Gulcur

Research project: New technologies and process fingerprinting for optimised production of thermoplastic microneedle arrays

Description: In this PhD project, the overall optimization of the micro injection moulding process will be achieved by innovative approaches based on: (1) implementation of a process-sensitive and representative finger print feature into the micro moulded application product design to make the product inspection efficient with less inspection effort; (2) establishment of the relation between the micro moulded product quality parameters, the finger print quality response and the micro injection moulding processing conditions; (3) implementation of a real-time inspection tool in the micro injection moulding equipment using both microscopy and moulding parameters monitoring. With these approaches, a fast and robust optimization of micro injection moulding process of the micro moulded microneedle arrays will be achieved. This work is supported by H2020 - European Innovative Training Network MICROMAN - “Process Fingerprint for Zero-defect Net-shape MICROMANufacturing”

Supervisors: Dr. Ben Whiteside, Prof. Phil Coates, Dr. Tim Gough

Ms Ramisha Rehman

Research project: The effect of PEEK, PEEK Glass fiber composite and silicone surface properties on cellular behaviour.

Description: The aim of this research is to investigate the material characteristics of six substrates and observe cellular response to the diverse surface physiognomy. The three materials that are going to be investigated are poly-ether-ketone (PEEK), PEEK with 30% glass composites (PEEK-GL) and silicone. The 3 modified surfaces to be examined are PEEK with a grooved pattern, PEEK-GL with a grooved pattern and silicone with 10WT% antimicrobial agent (Triclosan) surface coating (Silicone-AM). 

Supervisors: Dr. Mansour Youseffi, Dr. Farshid Sefat, Dr. Ben Whiteside.